Hello and weclome,


I am Albert Smith. I created this website to allow shoppers to find new homes with ease. Most homes should be found here that are on the market as just built.

 I am a real estate broker since 1998 and an agent since 1994 here in Florida. My back ground is construction and I just love a new home! I am sure you will too. 

What we offer on new homes is a New Home Builder Rebate. Sure you can go to a home builder on your own and get whatever the builder incentives may be but we are offering up to 1% back for upgrades or closing cost, ect. (conditions do apply)

If you choose to go with a resale home we sell them too. check out https://LandstarFlorida.com . I also list and sell homes. 

It’s great to be back in the real estate game! I stepped out for 5 years to try another type of business but the most satisfaction doing your job is when your client really appreciates your service. 


Let me show you how that works! 


be well in grattitude! 

Albert Smith



Landstar Team